VNCserver sessions.

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VNCserver sessions.

Postby Aikagi000 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:37 pm

Not sure if this is a simple thing or not for you all.

I have vncserver installed on the KDE version of mint and am using it for the purpose of logging into a second session behind the main desktop ( which is running xbmc).
so far I got it to give me the KDE environment that I want when I type "sudo vncserver :1" in terminal.

The problem(s):
1 It seems I HAVE to use sudo or it will not give me the KDE interface.
2 I tried executing from rc.local but:
a) WILL NOT work if sudo isn't there
b) WITH sudo, will not give me the KDE environment
3 tried making a script and having the native startup application run the script. Nothing happens.
4 tried an init script. dunno if I flubbed that
5 no clue how to write an upstart script.

I've been digging around with no luck and no clear answers.

The question to solve:
how do I get vncserver to give me a second session in the KDE environment to log into on system start? (Bonus if I can get apps to auto load in that second session)
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