"Locking" Desktop Icons In Place - Full Caption Display

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"Locking" Desktop Icons In Place - Full Caption Display

Postby jimwg on Wed Nov 14, 2012 3:01 pm


The subject line says it all. I've Maya XFCE and I wish to "lock" the desktop icons in positions where I best prefer them, or is this MATE's domain? Secondly, I'd like my desktop icons to display their full or at less more of their caption/titles if possible instead of being truncated as they are. I welcome any hints!

On a side note, if the desktop settings image list slideshow option is going to remain non-functional and you defer that feature to Variety or DesktopNova, will this "option" be removed in Mint 14 so not to "clutter" the settings panel with a non-operative button/sliders?

I really appreciate LinuxMint engineers and once I'm able to past these trying days I mean to send them a PayPal token of my appreciation for such an awesome product.

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