Are these background changer script additions safe?

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Are these background changer script additions safe?

Postby jimwg on Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:28 pm


I've had lots of education via user feedback here, and one of my challenges is trying to learn scripts. Right now I'm experimenting with something "simpler" and obvious and native to XFCE without add-ons. Since XFCE 4.10's Desktop Setting's timed background changer seems non-functional, I'm hoping this addition to cron -e will enable it:

*/1 * * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 xfdesktop --reload > /dev/null 2>&1

I REALLY wish for a 10 or 5 second change period but there doesn't seem a way to trick it to do this. Is that why XFCE desktop changer has a 1 minute minimum too? I think I know how to edit Creb xml scripts so is there anyway to get XFCE's bkgd change to use that? Also, I Googled an alternate way to accomplish this without cron, but is it safe? ... hout-cron/

I won't dare try it without your input if my script addition fails.

Thanks for any advice!

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