14 wont come out of suspend

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14 wont come out of suspend

Postby vintagepen on Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:43 am

Gateway 340UI.(32 bit) Mint 14 XFCE. Everything set up automatically and works great (networking may be OK, but there are three networking icons in the bar at the bottom)

My question concerns getting out of suspend mode.

Once the box has gone into suspend, nothing will wake it up, no amount of pressing keys, pressing esc, or pressing the power button. Sometimes I can get some HDD or LED activity but it wont come out of sleep mode. I can only get it to work by hard resetting and starting up all over again.

There appear to be only two settings: EITHER you put the screen to sleep quickly or slowly (in which case the computer stays on, - and hot, - all the time)

OR you check 'spin down hard drive'. In which case when the computer goes to sleep after whatever time you have set,and it never comes out of sleep.

Either way (whether spin down hard drive is checked or not), Mint 14 wont come out of suspend mode.

There seem to be ther reports of this problem with other hardware: At what stage does a problem no one can identify/cure become a bug report?
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