Time for a new laptop, suggestions?

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Time for a new laptop, suggestions?

Postby Stratacast1 on Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:42 am

Well, my laptop just bit the dust permanently. Time for a new one. Things I'll do right away when I get it:
swap out the HDD for my current SSD
Throw in 8gb of RAM, unless it has 6gb installed (I won't miss 2gb with linux)

The only thing I require really is that it's an i5 at minimum. I don't need a dedicated GPU built in, 1080p is nice :wink: but yeah..my only thing is I am NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT buying Dell. You can't convince me. I'm looking at $500-$600 but I really don't want to break that barrier.

All suggestions that are not Dell are appreciated, thanks!
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Re: Time for a new laptop, suggestions?

Postby passerby on Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:39 am

The usual suspects are Lenovo, System76, ThinkPenguin, ZaReason, and probably a few others.
Lenovo has a good track history with Linux, though it doesn't officially ship with it or anything.
The others ship with a few different Linux distros, even offer support for it.
Lenovo would probably be the cheapest for the hardware you get, and unlike the others you can buy locally. The only real problem is that you'd be paying for Windows as well (maybe you need/want that too? idk), and if you get a brand new one, you'd need to disable secureboot and potentially UEFI in order to boot most Linux distros.
So yeah, my advice is to get a decent second-hand (or manufacturer refurbished) Lenovo laptop. Old enough to not have Windows 8 and the accompanying restrictions, but new enough to have an awesome processor.
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