XBMC Media Center, Nvidia, two screens and one HDMI problem

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XBMC Media Center, Nvidia, two screens and one HDMI problem

Postby sharan on Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:59 am

Hello everyone. Hopefully I'm posting in the right section of the forum, if not, I'll ask admins to repost it somewhere else.

Anyway, I've been avid user of Windows for a long, long time, but since I like the idea of Linux systems, I've switched to Linux Mint, Cinnamon edition. I have installed the latest version as a standalone, not as dual boot.

So here's the answer I need. I'm using XBMC Media Center. My first monitor is CRT 17'' monitor, old school, 4:3 aspect ratio. My other monitor is actually a TV, Sony Bravia 72'', 16:9 ratio.

My graphic card is Nvidia 9400GT, I'm using proprietary, tested driver listed like that at Software Sources. Sony TV is connected to NVidia card via HDMI.

When I run XBMC, it's all alright, until I shut it down, then it messes my resolutions which are obviously different on two output devices.

So, what do I need a help with:

1. I would need an instructions how to setup two monitors with different aspect ratios and resolutions, and the way to ''force'' XBMC to launch ONLY on right monitor which is Sony TV in its highest resolution. I've tried to make it work with Displays control and Nvidia X Controls, didn't make it.
2. I would certainly need a help with HDMI cable... I get video output, but no audio - audio stays on my computer.

If any more info is needed, I'm here to list it all. Thank you all very much.
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