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multiple nvidia cards + dual monitors = dysfunction - mate14

Postby tunist on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:55 pm


i am configuring a fresh install of linux mint 14 64bit with 2 nvidia cards.
one is a GT 430 (dual output) and one is a 6200 (older) - so 3 outputs in total. i do have 3 monitors and am at this point, only setting up 2 of them.

the main monitor is fine.

i have attempted various ways of installing up to date drivers from nvidia. the only way i have found this to be successful so far is to:

1. go to 'software sources' and 'additional drivers' and set both cards to use 'experimental' (non nouveau) drivers. (though for some reason the os only allows one at a time to be set to non nouveau that way).
2. press ctrl + alt + f1
3. navigate to downloaded drivers, and run the installer.. selecting 'yes' to all config options. (the nvidia installer warns that the version i have downloaded does not support the older 6600 card.. then says 'install is ok).
4. reboot
5. observe the software sources -> additional drivers panel again.. now there is strangeness -> the 6200 card is listed as using a manual driver and the experimental xorg driver is used for the GT 430 (the reverse of what the driver installer suggested was possible and would occur)..

at no point have i seen both monitors show up in the display config panel, EXCEPT, when i didn't mess with the nvidia drivers at all and just pressed (i think) ctrl+alt+backspace and for whatever reason after that they were both visible, except when i then activated monitor 2, i could move the cursor onto it, yet it was not truly functional.

so.... anyone know what the funk is occurring?
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