ATI IGP340M: What Driver?

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ATI IGP340M: What Driver?

Postby MtnDewManiac on Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:45 pm


I installed Mint 14 Xfce on an HP ze5200 laptop. Full screen streaming video was terrible. I tried enabling Xorg and doing an update, no change. I tried enabling the Xorg edgers, no change. Each time I restarted the computer before checking results to ensure that any changed bits would have been applied.

Laptop has as its video an IGP340M (RS200, I think it is also called).

I cannot seem to figure out which graphics driver I need for best (3D?) video performance, what version of it I need, and how to install/configure it on Mint (14 Xfce).

I was about to give up when a friend came by with one of those "customized" editions of Microsoft Windows XP. He said, "It's got all updates built in current to December, 2012." I thought trying that would be a complete waste of time, that performance in it would be worse than in Mint.

Imagine my surprise when the opposite was true! He even ran Firefox, went to Netflix (which requires Silverlight and I think is very DRM **** heavy), typed in his account information, and we were able to watch an entire movie in fullscreen and it was like watching one on television. Smooth, no issues. While in Mint, even Crackle . com has pretty severe issues, and that runs with standard Flash, so whatever DRM stuff it uses (if any) probably isn't even in the same ballpark.

That tells me that the problem with abysmal graphics performance isn't in hardware, it's in software.

I can permanently install Windows XP on it, since there is a sticker with product key on the bottom of it. But I don't want to :cry: .

Looking for help. OS will be 100% fresh (since I'll have to install it again). Mint 14 Xfce. Willing to type in whatever you suggest in order to get diagnostic information.

I would even consider trying LMDE if everything else fails, although I would much rather use 14 Xfce.

(MUCH) Thanks in advance,
Mint 17.1 Xfce 4.12.
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