physical screen size issues with 10.1" touch panel

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physical screen size issues with 10.1" touch panel

Postby minilab on Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:16 am

G'day all,

I'm running a gigabyte GA-Z77N-Wifi board with intel xeon 3.2GHz cpu. I've currently installed Mint Mate 14 and so far haven't had any issues at all. Best thing I have done is switch to Linux, anyway.

I'm using the onboard graphics of the GA-Z77N and everything has been great when I installed OS and did basic config using a acer 24" monitor on DVI. I now need to to switch the system over to a touch monitor on HDMI (Lilliput FA1011-NP/C, 10.1"). The supplied drivers didn't like Mint at all so I have updated it and got the screen and touch function working sort of great. Touch works well, screen size not so great.

My issue has been the display that is being picked up is 32" (697mm x 392mm, physical size) rather than the 10.1" (220mm x 130mm, physical size). And as such the display is to "big" for the actual physical monitor.

I've been trolling the forums for the past few days trying to sort this out and everything so far I have tried has had no affect.

Firstly I have tried different screen resolutions to no avail, the stated res. of the touch screen is 1024 x 600.

I've used xrandr commands to create and use the new res (1024 x 600) but the display is still to big
I've used xrandr --fbmm to try and over-ride the default phys. size (697 x 392), but it wont over-ride
I have used: xrandr --output HDMI3 --fbmm 220x130 I hit enter, no error msg appears and prompt returns, I type xrandr to see if changes were made but it stays the same (697 x 392).

When I was changing resolutions I would occasionally get a message stating my screen size (220x130) was too small for res, minimum size was 330x200. But no matter the res I selected/created still said "screen to small....."
Is that even possible ? to have a screen "too" small, I assume not due to the magnitude of small handheld devices out there.

I haven't tried panning, and I really want to avoid it if I can. Panning on touch with open video capture apps really doesn't work well.

Is there any other command other than xrandr that can force the change ?
Is there a way to manually edit the monitors device settings, if it can be done. Where on earth are they located ?

I should also point out this is my first real attempt at Linux so its taken me awhile to get my head around the platform, and how to mod files etc. It's been a long while since my high school computer science days.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks in advance
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