ASUS V238H-P, display settings nt detecting the monitor auto

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ASUS V238H-P, display settings nt detecting the monitor auto

Postby misce on Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:00 am

*** EDITED: See Edit @ end ***

Monitor: ... 6824236175
(currently plugged in VGA, to be HDMI or DVI soon)

1. When I first plugged in this monitor and booted up, this is what the Display dialog (Settings -> Display) looked like:
I was able to choose 1280x1024 as the highest res, there were 3-4 other choices.

2. Rebooted, to find myself booting to 1024x768. I can't remember, but this time I think the monitor had a name. There was also a multitude of res options, like this: (not all res shown)

I click a desired res, 1920x1080, and it goes back to how the dialog looks in the first screenshot! No name for the monitor, and only 4-5 res choices (highest 1024x768).



I also have an issue with GRUB with this monitor, if anyone wants to take a shot. I boot up the PC, it shows the bios/blue HP bootscreen, then goes black/blank and an ASUS box pop up saying "OUT OF RANGE" (ASUS box, like what it shows for a brief moment when the PC is turned off ("no signal") or on ("VGA")). I'm able to use grub fine (dualbooting), I just can't see anything until it passes grub and boots an OS. I've yet to try and figure out what this "OUT OF RANGE" error means myself, so I'm jut throwing this in here in case anyone already has experidnce with it.


1. I figured out how to have the res saved/boot as desired res. There is no practical problem with my solution, but if anyone has an entire fix so it works as it should... go ahead and say it. My solution is detailed here:

Evidently, the monitor settings do not get saved if the monitor doesn't have a name, so it reverts to... whatever... on reboot. By editing the file for the display [semi-]directly under the name/profile of the monitor in use, it uses the res manually specified.

2. I do not have a solution for the grub issue. A solution I googled very quickly involves Windows boot settings, which... has nothing to do with grub. I've looked in my bios for a similar setting but nothing was found; I'm building my first PC this week so I'll eventually have a different bios and maybe there's a setting there.
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