Matrox p750 triple head on mint 13

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Matrox p750 triple head on mint 13

Postby FoZFoRiC on Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:38 pm

trying to migrate my workstation from xp to mint 13 but I have a Matrox p750 video card that is giving me fits trying to get the triple head to run. I can't even get the system to recognize 2 monitors let alone 3. The card works perfectly on xp but I think the matrox software was required to let the OS show 3 monitors in the setup monitor control panel. Of course the links on matrox to the linux version on this software (powerdesk???) are broken even on the ftp side. The drivers are not compiling and I found some stuff from 2008 about ubuntu 8 and matrox p650 and p750 and how to work thought it with some root term commands but eventually the age and flavor differences grind me down and the help for way back then doesn't seem to give the right results for the next step (as usual).

Has anyone had experiences with matrox and mint for multiple monitors (hopefully good ones)? If I knew someone somewhere has gotten this to work I would redouble my efforts.
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