I like Bianca! but...

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I like Bianca! but...

Postby KhaaL on Sat Mar 03, 2007 7:44 pm

...but I think Bianca would benefit greatly from doing a few fixes/additions to it :)

First of all, it should include the new spca5xx driver by default. The one included with ubuntu edgy dosen't recognise my webcam and the driver has been out for a while... This would definatly benefit the average user (who shouldn't have to go through the hassle of compiling a driver) aswell as make a better out-of-the-box experience.

A driver for bcm43xx chipset (broadcom wlan chipset on laptops). Also for the sake of improving out-of-the-box experience :) and while I don't think it's as essental as the spca5xx driver, it dosen't take much space and the small addition can make a big diffrence for the laptop user.

xscreensaver instead of gnome screensaver. I think this one is selfexplaintory! gnome screensaver is too restrictive when it comes to options...

Thats all I had for now. Thanks for making a excellent distro even more excellent! ;)
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