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More on Kubuntu -Desktop

Postby ElZorro on Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:58 pm

Hi Root,
thanx for the reply, but--- how does one edit the bootloader from error 17-- with a live CD like Knoppix I guess?. I am still new to Linux and trying to learn.

Ktorrent seems to snub everthing and be glacially slow, and Azureus does not run at all, and gives nat errors on port listening in setup.
Is there a firewall in Linux-mint doing this??

Managed to get Kubuntu-Desktop to shut down by editing kmrc as root.
Still cannot access xserver from terminal though.

Doing all this from Seamonkey 1.06, which I downloaded as the full Linux installer, and installed flashplugin.

Debian and therefore Ubuntu/Kubuntu repos are in the never-never with the Seamonkey, project, especially after the stupid Debian debacle with firefox/thunderbird, a fellow open source project.
The GNU legality like all law can be an Ass and self defeating, and we desperately need universal Linux packages for Linux to succed as a world desktop.
Hopefully common sense will eventually prevail over all the open source zealotry out there!
Good luck with Linuxmint
El Zorro
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