Suggestion to improve the installer

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Suggestion to improve the installer

Postby enwent on Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:43 pm

In the thread, varaahan described how the installer crashed because he incorrectly identified where GRUB should be written. I had a similar problem, being unfamiliar with the hdX,X format.

It would be better if the nomenclature used here corresponded to that used earlier to specify partitions. Better yet, the installer could simply provide the standard choices of MBR or root superblock for GRUB. Alternatively, the live CD could provide a script to reinstall the bootloader, as Mepis and PCLinuxOS do (I apologize to the devs if this script exists and I just failed to find it).

Either of the first options would make the installation more intuitive, and the last would obviate the need to reinstall from scratch when this problem crops up.
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