A big Thank You and a Keep up the good work

Questions about the project and the distribution - obviously no support questions here please

A big Thank You and a Keep up the good work

Postby katasuka on Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:45 am


linux mint is a great distro. in my opinion better than ubuntu in many ways. i personally like the gui for ndiswrapper, ive been wanting to see that for about a year now in a distro.

the only problem i had was my wifi card wasnt autodetected and loaded at boot and neither was my sound card. on ubuntu my wifi card was autodetected and connected to my router. my sound card wasnt though.

wifi: belkin wireless g using madwifi
sound: soundblaster16 isa

also after i set up the net manually the tray icon showing internet connectivity didnt show anything.

other than that i love linux mint. great distro, great potential, great job. keep up the good work. i will hopefully be able to provide some help somehow in this distro.
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