Hello from the DOminican Republic !

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Hello from the DOminican Republic !

Postby Caraibes on Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:39 pm

Well, I just installed Bea on my main desktop today, it feels just fine, I wish to congratulate Clem & the team !

I'll post my feedback after some more time using it. On my older laptop, I sticked with my Dapper install.

I enjoy Linux Mint's pragmatics's views about allowing "dirty soft". In the other way, I also approve of the gNewSense project, as it is valuable for the community, but I have to say I need all the goodies, and mint gives it to us !

I was also very pleased to read in that forum that there will be an easy way to upgrade Mint's install (I don't feel like performing a clean re-install every 3 months).

Having an ATI 9200, I had to follow the Ubuntu wiki to install proper drivers, but it took 3mn, and went just fine.

I noticed that Clem displays a french flag, so :

-"Bon boulot ! Félicitations pour cette excellente initiative, qui va nous permettre de débarquer chez de futurs utilisateurs avec 1 seul CD en main, et bcp moins de bidouille, c'est plus crédible devant les non-geeks ! Je suis un français de la République Dominicaine, salut !"

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