full localized CDs

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full localized CDs

Postby mh4 on Wed Nov 22, 2006 12:31 am

People want a full localized CDs like:

CD Mint 2.0de, CD Mint 2.0en, CD Mint 2.0fr, CD Mint 2.0pl, CD Mint 2.0es ......

Not all files for local language are on the CD, many are on the internet repositories (like dictionary etc). Part of computers has not a internet connections at all and are not full localized.

Deleting unnecessary multilanguage packages saving places for additional codecs.

See Ubuntu Customization Kit https://launchpad.net/products/uck This tool helps you to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs to your needs. You can add any package to the live system, for example language packs, or some applications.

(eg. local full Polish versions of Kubuntu 6.10 PL: http://lichota.net/~krzysiek/projects/kubuntu-pl/ )

You can first realase a multilanguage version, and few days later other full localized CDs (on main or local mirrors). First only most popular languages.
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Linux Mint is funded by ads and donations.

Postby d00p on Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:56 am

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