Suggestions: A brainstorm page

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Suggestions: A brainstorm page

Postby mitcoes on Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:14 am

I think Ubuntu brainstorm is a good tool, that can be implemented for LMDE.

I have some suggestions:

- Fix the fav programs change - I cannot change default video player to VLC, because of non privileges, but It is not possible to make a root login from gdm login page to fix it. I suposse if you are asked for a password to do it it would be solved.

- Add some Firefox extensions as Cocoon for privacy browsing and flash-aid for installing last flash versions

- Add wine, winetricks and playonlinux to the distro main packages

- Add ... ria-cache/ to the boot programs to avoid the excessive RAM cache grow.

- At partitioning instead of a / and /home, as default, /boot / and /home, putting at /boot a ISOs - /boot/ISOs - directory with last LMDE.iso and freedos.iso with a GRUB2 that detects and configure booting from this ISO - it would not be diffcult and it is not done yet - and - in the LMDE iso case - at the install solving the conflict of having a isomount partition to reinstall - if it is necesary the system -. Freedos for upgrading BIOS with a XEN boot or Grub ISO boot is a great tool - and if LMDE.iso backup at boot is made from your own installed programs with ApptonCD, it would be great to install in other machines or when you change of HDD or have some HDD hardare problems and need to change the system to other HDD avoiding to configure all your system other time and add other software.

- Statistical survey of package backups in order to select the next selected ones.
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