Problem with firefox in Linux Mint 10 (64-bit)

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Problem with firefox in Linux Mint 10 (64-bit)

Postby TRZALICA on Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:36 pm

I have one iritating problem in Linux Mint 10 (64-bit). Sometimes, when I start firefox it doesn't respond and after some time it freezes (especially when I try to open Bookmarks tab or any other tab)...
Must say that, that problem is present on couple Firefox versions (newer ones).

Any ideas or maybe a solution of this problem??

Thanks in advance! :-)
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Re: Problem with firefox in Linux Mint 10 (64-bit)

Postby xenopeek on Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:52 pm

I can confirm the same problem with Firefox 11 on Linux Mint 11 64 bit. It has been doing that for a couple of versions. It is being caused by the addons that I have installed on Firefox, as some update their software or lists when Firefox starts, and this blocks the browser :?

To confirm if this is your root cause also, close all Firefox browser windows, and then from a terminal or Alt+F2 dialog run:
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firefox -safe-mode

Choose to continue to safe-mode (without making anything permanent :shock:). If your bookmarks are now fast, it is being caused by one or more of your addons. Either accept that starting Firefox will take some time, disable automatic updates on each addon (if they have such an option, that is), or reduce the amount of addons installed.

I've accepted Firefox will have a slowish start, and just installed more addons... Hey, I need my Firefox armour-plated :wink:
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