Problem Btrfs or Grub"2" ?

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Problem Btrfs or Grub"2" ?

Postby seeley on Sat May 19, 2012 1:31 pm

When I am testing Linux distris, I usually use PartedMagic/ GParted to format (logical) partitions and PartedMagic/ UNetbootin to create live-USB before installing.
Because of my multiboot (Grub legacy in MBR) I always install Grub (Test Linux) into PBR (here: boot partition).

Installation on Btrfs (own ext4 - boot partition): all attempts were in vain

1. Maya 64 bit MATE - bootloader could not be installed -> new option: no bootloader -> Installation cancelled
2. LMDE 201204 64 bit MATE - copying usr/lib/... -> low disk space ["/": 30 GB free!] -> Installation stopped
3. LMDE 201204 64 bit MATE - bootloader config ---infinite loop?--- after 15 minutes force quit by me.

Screenshot case 3:
Screenshot.png (6.24 KiB) Viewed 461 times

Anyone succeeded installing Mint on Btrfs?

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