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Just a word of thanks

Postby interbird1964 on Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:04 pm

Once I had a Desktop that I could customize the way I wanted..
It was Gnome with Compiz and it was awsome.
I could reach everything in my system within nano seconds.

Then a paradigm shift happened.
Somehow the user interface of mobile devices put it's mark on Desktop usage.
Gnome Shell and Unity are good examples of that paradigm shift.

That may be ok for new users or people who just use e-mail and internet,
but using Gnome3 Shell (or Unity) made it impossible for me to navigate my
system the way I want and most importantly, with the speed I want.
(Speed is not in the CPU, it's in the GUI...)

And this is why Linux Mint is an exceptionally special distribution.
Where other distro's just left their users in the dark, the Linux Mint developers
actually listen to their community and display a level of innovation that is

I decided I want to stay with LMDE because I want Debian as a base,
and not Ubuntu. I want to "(rock &) roll".

While I'm quite happy with the MATE experience, the Cinnamon effort again
displays the unbelievable 'being-in-sync-with-users' of the Linux Mint Team.
While GTK3 matures, I have no doubt that Linux Mint will do a better job to
put it to work than the Gnome developers themselves.

Thank you so very much for providing a smooth path to GTK3 and making me
use my system within nano seconds again.

awsome !

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Re: Just a word of thanks

Postby veggen on Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:08 pm

I pretty much had the same reaction when I saw what Mint is doing. Thankfully, more and more distros are now applying some sort of "fixes" to the situation, but Mint's are by far the most far-reaching.
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