How much focus on Live CD functionality will Mint have?

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How much focus on Live CD functionality will Mint have?

Postby Artthou on Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:04 am

Hello all,

I am enjoying seeing what you are doing with Linux Mint...keep up the good work.

My question is how much focus will there be on Mint being the most complete Live CD experience possible, as opposed to focusing on being an installed system? It seems like PCLinuxOS and a few others shoot for the LiveCD option, as do some others, and I would love to see Mint keep some of this focus as well.

Namely, having good support for Wifi cards on the CD (not having to download the drivers if at all possible) makes working right from a CD a realistic option. Is it very high on your priority list to include as many Wifi drivers as possible on the Live CD, or is it good enough that there are instructions to get it working (more geared for HD installs)?

I'd love to have a few impressive LiveCDs to pass along to family members, and things like this play a big part in making converts.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the hard work.

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Postby clem on Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:41 am


The priority of course is given to the installed system but we are making as much efforts as possible to keep the live system identical.

The next release comes with ndiwrapper and ndisgtk for better wifi compatibility.

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