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Another review

Postby clem on Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:31 pm

Speaking of search, Linux Mint also contains Beagle, an excellent indexing and search tool. I started up Beagle and typed the name of a program analysis tool I had built. Surprisingly, Beagle actually found my Powerpoint presentation on a shared folder on the LAN! So it not only indexes files on the local machine, it also indexes files on shared folders. This is because Beagle indexes your home directory and Linux Mint automatically makes a "Network" folder in our home directory where you can browse accessible Windows shares. Clicking on the Powerpoint brought up my Powerpoint presentation in OpenOffice, without a glitch. The performance was very snappy, as good or better than Google Desktop Search. I was highly impressed!

--> I'm impressed as well, never thought of the implication of that on Beagle :)

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