Lubuntu based varient.

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Lubuntu based varient.

Postby steveking on Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:44 am

I'm guessing this is in the right area...

Recently a new distro was released called Proxlinux 2 which I helped in the earlly dev days. I didnt have a great deal of input on this project (more for proxlinux 3) but it was mainly developed by a good friend of mine who is rather good with most things Linux.

If anyone was interested in testing out a lightweight lubuntu varient then please feel free to try it out! It uses a custom right click menu and the tint2 panel, so if you can't cope with right click menus maybe not for you.

Anyway without much further ado I present to you the link :D

Please feel free to leave Kris a comment or two if you tried it and have any constructive critisism or compliments.

Most of the bugs have now been fixed thanks to our friends at Fernhill Linux Project, and all menu bugs were dealt with by yours truely.
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