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Grub Rescue ?

Postby ivtec on Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:19 pm

Hi guys:i have run into a problem with my Xubuntu12.04! the other day
when i started up the PC,a Dell pentium4 with Xubuntu installed only OPS,
i Had a black blank screen on boot with< Grub Rescue > tried to use the CD to boot no avail then i tried to reinstall Xubuntu No Avail,then since i keep many CDs different Distros around i tried Linux Mint 14 Nadia i struggled a little bit at first but at second try it booted up then it installed smoothly,
today i was inquiring about this Grub Rescue problem and came across this Blog about the solution,since i did not try it and don't know if it works ,I'd like your opinion on this for a future problem of this arising in the future!
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Re: Grub Rescue ?

Postby gold_finger on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:26 pm

The link you posted doesn't work. You need to hit the "URL" button in the posting interface and paste the link between the [url][/url] blocks. Links with long addresses get truncated, becoming unusable, if you don't do that.
Add "Solved" to title of thread if solution is found. (Go to your first post and hit "Edit" button.) This helps make it easier for others to find solutions that work.

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