Is Linuxmint really for seriously working people?

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Re: Is Linuxmint really for seriously working people?

Postby hanspb on Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:19 am

@Mike Acker: Darktable has local editing. Check out the current version 1.4.1 at
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Re: Is Linuxmint really for seriously working people?

Postby mike acker on Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:36 am

hanspb wrote:@Mike Acker: Darktable has local editing. Check out the current version 1.4.1 at

that could be highly interesting. I just installed RECOLL which is a system search utility. as I have around 580GB on my hard drive these days I need a good search utility.

RECOLL indexed my entire hard drive. I took about 4 hours to do it but as that's done now it is supposed to keep itself up to date. I scheduled it to update at 10AM daily.

the interesting thins is RECOLL finds images immediatly as well for me -- if I have renamed the image with a suitable file name ( title ) .

I had kinda resisted data base type application programs for two reasons -- (1) I don't want it to hide my files in its own data base: i want to have the usual access via the folder program, and (2) added use of system resources

so it appears RECOLL is going to be a good addition here and I'll probably re-think the database thing. My brother is a Creative Suite addict; it would be interesting to see if this DarkTable could be an alternative for him. I really want to get him away from his Windmill.
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Re: Is Linuxmint really for seriously working people?

Postby linux_rules on Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:01 am

You guys will probably laugh but the fact is I consider Windows as a "offline" OS meaning you are not suppose to browse the web with it !!!

The last time I used Windows was 2008. From 2009 - present I am a full time Linux user.

I had purchased a hp scanner and a cannon printer back in 2005. These two didnt work under Linux. The printer was really a cheap one and it went bad so its no longer an issue. The scanner still works but I dont need to scan that often anymore. I have tested this scanner under Virtualbox WinXP guest and it works fine so that issue is solved too. As I said before I dont consider Windows secure enough to face the Internet so I just disable networking for the WinXP guest.
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Re: Is Linuxmint really for seriously working people?

Postby scryan on Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:07 pm

chris2kari wrote:I've been an admirer & proponent of Linux for 20 years. Sad to say DESKTOP LINUX is still a disaster.
Its fine for setting up a little server but I'm giving up on it as a desktop & switching to Macs for desktop.

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Windows is "easier", linux your going to have to learn something, because no one spent billions of dollars designing it to be used by uneducated users who don't want to learn about their system like windows did.

That said, I recently re-installed windows 7 on my laptop around the same time I installed mint, arch, ubuntu, kubuntu, gentoo, and maybe another distro or two (hopped around for a while :P). In windows, my touch pad was not properly supported (no settings adjustments), my SD card reader does not work, my wifi does not work and my resolution was not the native resolution. In linux ALL of my hardware was automatically detected and functioning. For a while I was using only linux because I had not had time to go through and fix all the issues with my bare windows install.

Since I actually LEARNED how linux works, sat down and read about the system I have had significantly LESS issues to fix in linux and they have all been easy to fix.
If your expecting to not know how your computer works, or you want nothing but copy paste terminal commands while ignoring their output YES linux is going to suck. If you work with it, it works with you WAY more then windows ever will. It actually respects your intelligence and treats you as an equal rather then keeping you in the dark while it does magic behind a curtain. If your not ready for that, it will be harder... But if you pay attention and learn it will be much easier. Its a different system, you have to act accordingly but that doesn't mean its not useable...

Really, the main issue with linux now is corporate support for home users, IE drivers for hardware and linux based software bundled along with windows and mac packages.
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