Anyone try Steam OS

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Anyone try Steam OS

Postby cornleader on Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:24 am

I did. Be warned it will erase your whole HD. I found out the hard way. :cry:
I Installed a new 1TB drive for my windows powerhouse gaming machine. Thought I would try Steam OS and figured during the installation it would allow me to select the drive to install it to. Everything went fine until the part where I saw " formatting /dev/sda".

...I lost so much stuff. Programming projects, Original music, pictures bla bla bla. Yes I know it's my own fault.I took it rather well. I installed Win 7 to drive A with room left over for another linux OS. Disconnected the power to drive A and installed Steam OS to Drive B. It uses the whole hard drive. Can't install it to a partition. Swapped drives and windows wouldn't start. bootmgr issue. easy fix. Now I have both drives installed, must use F12 during post to select physcial drive to boot from.

Need to figure out how to work with 1 boot manager. From what I read. Cant be done.

Anyone else have any horror stories to share?
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