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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

Postby exploder on Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:55 pm

Thanks, mate. I appreciate your effort. Well, I found both some drivers for the old Gloria and for Helena, which I'm using right now, and they're working smooth. I don't know whether they're the official ones, I just hope some of those will come out also for Lucid Lynx / Mint 9.

Your welcome. I want the Mint 9 base to work well for as many people as humanly possible and the information you provided is important in seeing that happen. The sooner problems are discovered the more likely they can be addressed. Thanks!
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

Postby Aevum on Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:58 pm

Anytime. And I'll be looking for some 9.10 suitable drivers for GMA 500 and I'll try to see whether they work as well or not, I found several ways of installing, and even several packages, if I do find one of them which actually works, well, I'll let you know, either here or via PM.
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

Postby Acid_1 on Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:59 pm

vrkalak wrote:Seems that Karmic was thrown together at the last minute to make the release date. They are taking their time and 'really' trying to make this version of Ubuntu a 'top-notch' release.

'bout time.
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

Postby vrkalak on Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:09 pm

I have been testing Xubuntu Lucid 10.04 since it first went to Lucid, and now through each Alpha release.

The Lucid A2 Dist-Upgrades from 2 nights ago, have b0rked my Xubuntu install.
No problem, as it is not my 'main' OS and I kinda expect this to happen, through the early development stages of a new edition.

After downloading and installing the updates/upgrades, the system asked for a computer re-start. After Grub and the Log-in screen, came the dreaded BSOD. :cry: (black screen of death)
I've done everything I can to bring it back, but to no avail. I finally have to do a 'hard shutdown'. I can still get in the b0rked OS by going in through another Linux OS and mounting it.
Or by mounting from the original Xubuntu Lucid Alpha2 LiveCD. Luckily, all my files, data and such are in a separate /home partition.

If you learn nothing else ... remember this one thing ... never do a "Partial Upgrade".

Oh, well ... live and learn. It's cool.

Over all, I am very impressed with the new and coming LTS of Ubuntu Lucid ... the Devs are doing a great job.
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Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2

Postby Midnighter on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:51 pm

Tried it. Not bad, but the fact my nvidia drivers would install thrun the Hardware Manager, but fail to load, leaving me at a command prompt, and forced to use basic video was annoying. You'd think they'd have something this basic sorted at this stage. Only tried it last few days, so not an old issue, and apparently many others experiencing it also, so i know it not just me. *sigh* Other than that, the same issue I've had with last several releases of ubuntu/mint still persists, privoxy is NOT loading itself at start as it should, and i have to load it manually. It always worked/loaded fine for years before, but last couple releases seem to not work with it properly. Frustrating. These were the main issues that stood out to me in my brief testing of it. I needed an OS that works, so went back to Mint 8 (mind you, i still have the privoxy issue here also, but I can work around it, just annoying to have to do so constantly). Cheers.

edit: Almost forgot, upgrading the kernel kept resulting in me losing the ability to access my mouse and keyboard once i'd reached the login screen. Plugging in a ps2 keyboard and rebooting was no good either. Most odd, not to mention annoying. If I select anyhting but the default/original kernel from install at start, I could not proceed past the login screen. What a pain. Not encouraging.
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