remastering linux mint 9 KDE

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remastering linux mint 9 KDE

Postby sfusr on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:52 pm

After failed to embed Chinese input method in linux mint 9 KDE, I decide to remaster a live system myself.

I installed IBUS-pinyin and SCIM-pinyin into the system, both only worked in KATE and K**** browser and failed to work in any other place such as open office, firefox, etc. But that's enough for me.

At first the remastering process worked well, but finally failed when the virtul disk reach its max ussage of 1G. Anyone have the same problem, how to deal with this?
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Re: remastering linux mint 9 KDE

Postby kingses1985 on Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:23 am

I have the same problem as you, you should add some chinese fonts to systems by adminster.
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