Remastersys Live CD stop with BusyBox

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Remastersys Live CD stop with BusyBox

Postby tim.strup on Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:32 am

Sorry, i do not speak english, but i try to explain and ask for help.

Ich have install a ubuntu 8.04 linux mini-install (but also a crunchbanglinux-lite 8.04 and a LinuxMint 5- Installation) with the remastersys.deb. Then i try "sudo remastersys dist" after umount-a. I become an ~ 440MB ISO and burn a cd. When i boot the cd i see the gui-installer, but after seconds i see only only busybox .

My English is bad, I try translate with Google: I have several installations (Linux Mint 5, and a Crunchbanglinux 8:04 Alternate installation) of Ubuntu 8:04 on the hard disk. I voted "remastersys" in the current version and installed but when I run the tool I get an ISO file to a size of about 440MB, which looks promising! When booting the live CD also launches a graphical installer, but with "BusyBox" ends! I had "umount-a" and "sudo remastersys clean run and no errors. The system was also not further burdened (Intel Pentium 700MHz PIII 256MB). Do you have an idea? It reads in forums on the error, but indicated keien solution! The tool basically works, I know, because I already have a functioning backup installation of a LXDE have.

The same Post in german language:
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Re: Remastersys Live CD stop with BusyBox

Postby Fragadelic on Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:03 pm

That is pretty small. I would be surprised if it worked properly.

I'm not sure exactly which one you are trying to remaster though?
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