X-Win32 and LinuxMint 13 Configuration for Remote Access

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X-Win32 and LinuxMint 13 Configuration for Remote Access

Postby Yajesh on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:49 pm

I have built a VMWare based LinuxMint 13 x64 Platform (4-GB RAM) and have Apache2, PHP5, MySQL, Oracle-XE 11g x64, Eclipse Juno, NetBeans 1.7, Java 1.7 SDK. The platform has come togther very...very nicely and feel very good about the whole build.

I now wish to explore further to connect the Linux platform remotely from my Windows 7 PC. I have already installed OpenSSH and works well when I establish SSH connection from Windows 7. I am able to connect and login successfully, and work through the terminal session without any problems.

My next challenge is to create an X-Session, similar to what I used to work with may years ago using Exceed / WRQ Reflection (Now AttachMate) while connecting remotely to Unix/Solaris boxes. These X-Server were able to locate Unix boxes using XDMCP Braodcast session. It made it so easy. Yet, I am also aware of respective config files that may have used "rexec" to make this connection.

I have the latest version of X-Win32 application installed on my Winodws 7 x64 PC. I am seeking assistance to walk me through the steps of making this work with LinuxMint 13. By the way, i have also applied all the latest software updates using the Software Update Manager tool within LinuxMint.

Yes! I already Googled around in search of definitive steps required to configure X-Win32 and LinuxMint to make this connection. Regretfully, lot of information bu nothing defintive. YouTube was complete waste of time.

Please assist,
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