Skype - no large window

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Skype - no large window

Postby Jim1938 on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:01 pm

Mint 13 xfce only. No Windoz.
Logictec 525 webcam.
PC is a diy model i built a year ago.
Had Crunchbang on it. Now Mint.
I've been using computers since 1970.
Been using Ubuntu since 2005 with Lucid on 2 other boxes..
New to Mint.

I've installed Skype on several pcs.
V.2.x and v.4.x work fine on 2 other pcs running Ubuntu Lucid gnome.

BUT - when I installed v..2.2.x from Synatic on my new pc,
everything worked EXCEPT the ability to resize Skype video window.
When connected to someone over Skype, the video window
is small, about 3x3 inches (8x8 cm). The window has both
parties in it. I'm in a tiny window insitde the 3x3 window.
I can move the window around my screen, but can't resize it.
How do I resize my Skype window.

Thanks in advance.
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