Getting flash to work with webcam Mint 14 x64. - Solved

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Getting flash to work with webcam Mint 14 x64. - Solved

Postby Alister on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:23 am

So i originally was asking for help in then end i tried every combination i possibly could to try and make flash work on either firefox or chroumium with the webcam it's just a no go.

Best possible solution for anyone else looking at this is to go to chromes website download the .deb and install it not chromium as chrome itself has a newer version of flash as the latest ones you can download from the repos or adobes website dropped support for newer versions still gets security updates tho

if you go into the settings then advanced then content settings under privacy and scroll down theres a flash and microphones setting there sitenames and change permissions it seemed to work fine to some extent one part of a website i was one it worked in one area then another it turned on then after 30 seconds webcam light stars flashing and flashes and i have to keep hitting select the webcam in list to unfreeze it but it just freezes again so dunno about that part alternatively you can control the settings from this site to ... nager.html
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