customize nemo ?

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customize nemo ?

Postby oboedad55 on Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:20 am

Hi, I'm running Mint 14 and was wondering if there is a way to customize the background colors in Nemo. For example, to change the black in the sidebar?

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Re: customize nemo ?

Postby caribriz on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:39 am

I've been experimenting with this and although I know very little about themes - maybe I can share my newbie experience
and hope that an expert will come along and help with this.

This is how I changed nemo's sidepane colour to blue (as an example) in LM14 Cinnamon (the quick 'n dirty way :P )

Go to /usr/share/themes and copy the Mint-X folder.
Go to /home folder > click View > Show hidden files
If .themes folder is not there already, create it (note the . dot)
Open .themes folder, right-click and Paste the copy of Mint-X folder
Rename the copy of Mint-X folder to (in my case) Mint-X-blue
Open Mint-X-blue > gtk3.0 > apps > nemo.css
In "sidebar" section of the file, change the background-color line from the default value #3F3F3F - so the line reads
Code: Select all
background-color: #2a5a8a;

Save the file, Close.

Go to Cinnamon Settings > Themes > Other settings > GTK+ theme
Click down arrow, choose Mint-X-blue
Open /home folder to see something like this (may have to logout/in).


If you just want to change the sidepane colour - that's all you would have to do.

I didn't want the green "highlights" on the sidepane, but I didn't know which files to edit in Mint-X-blue. :(

So I changed it in dconf-editor instead
(you can install it from Software Manager - search for dconf-tools, or install from terminal - enter sudo apt-get install dconf-tools)

Open dconf-editor
Click down arrow next to:
org > gnome > desktop > click interface
Click on gtk-color-scheme line, then click it again to the right of gtk-color-scheme - under black:white:gray etc.


I chose another shade of blue, and entered in the box, then pressed enter:
Code: Select all

After logout/in the green highlights shown in the first picture were changed to blue.


I did some further editing in dconf-editor to change the background of windows and programs -
Appended the gtk-color-scheme line to read:
Code: Select all

to get this result:


I also changed the nemo window background colour this way, by adding base_color:#d1d9e1;
on the end of the line as above. The background was then blue as well


- but
I found that this not only changed the file manager background, but also many other programs as well -
gedit had the coloured background and Firefox address bars were also changed for example - I didn't want this.

So I removed the base_color part on the gtk-color-scheme line, which left the background white.
I'd like to know how to just change nemo's background colour and leave the other programs alone.

It's far from perfect, but I'm reasonably happy with the effect.

I got some idea from here:

If you can't be bothered with the above - you may like these ready made themes:


Edit: I now know how to change the theme files. If interested check out this thread:
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Re: customize nemo ?

Postby caribriz on Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:55 pm

Further to my post above:

I've been trying to learn about themes, and have done some more experimenting with my Mint-X-blue theme (above) in my ~/.themes folder.
I found that changing some settings in a theme can make some apps (Update Manager for one) look "ugly" - someone else described it as looking like Windows 95 :lol:

I found the solution here:

So I changed the gtk+ theme in Cinnamon Settings back to the default theme Mint-X.
Logged out/in
As root, I moved the folder "Mint-X-blue" from ~/.themes to /usr/share/themes.
Reselected Mint-X-blue in Cinnamon Settings.
Logged out/in
It seems to have fixed the problem - Update Manager and other programs now look right again.

Logging out/in after making any changes to a theme, or changing themes back and forth, seems to be necessary.
Desktop: C2D E6400 / Asus P5LD2SE / 2GB ram / Asus GeForce 210 / 320GB (WinXP) & 1TB (Mint - various)
Laptop: Asus A53E-SX1455V - i5 2450M / 4GB ram / Intel HD 3000 / 500GB (Win7/Mint 17.3 Cinnamon)
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