Mouse 'blinks' alot and unable to change brightness {SOLVED}

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Mouse 'blinks' alot and unable to change brightness {SOLVED}

Postby Jamesi96 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:56 am

Hey, I am not really new to Linux, as on my other laptops i have had ubuntu, and linux mint. I am running Linux Mint 13 as the computer wouldn't accept mint's 14 iso on my usb. I have installed it, and it works a lot better then Windows 7 starter. My laptop is a HP mini 210. Is their a way to stop it blinking so much? It does the same on my mums laptop, which runs mint 14. (her specs are a bit worse then mine).

My specs are:

Intel Atom 1 CPU N2800 (apparently it has 4 CPU's, thats what it says in the system monitor)
1GB of ram, though system monitor says 990.2 Mib

(i just looked at monitors settings, and it says UNKNOWN and the refresh rate is 0. That might be why it blinks? Is their a way to fix it?)

Please help, oh and my brightness wont change..

Solved, no one was going to help me anyway.
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