wireless reconnect problems with Katya x64

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wireless reconnect problems with Katya x64

Postby dhdurgee on Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:30 pm

I have Katya x64 installed on my laptop. When I boot the laptop I enter the password to the keyring and am then able to connect my wireless router at home. My problem comes when I travel and return.

I am suspending my laptop from the "quit" entry on the menu when I am preparing to leave the home office. When I arrive at a remote location and open my laptop I have no problem connecting to the WiFi available there. If I have been to the remote location before my prior connection is even selected. My problem occurs when I return to the office. At that point the wireless icon on the toolbar shows as disconnected, where I would expect it to restore my prior connection. I can click on the wireless icon and select the appropriate WiFi connection, but even that does not restore the connection. What does restore the connection is to logout and login the user, reenter the keyring password and select the wireless connection.

I assume there is an easier way to handle this. Ideally I would like Katya to recognize and restore the WiFi connection at home, at worst I would like a procedure to accomplish this without the need to logout/login and the need to close out and restart all work in progress on the laptop.

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