Console frequency, keyboard layout switch

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Console frequency, keyboard layout switch

Postby vervolk66 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:43 pm

I installed Mint 12 LXDE onto old computer (Celeron 816, 512 RAM).
I'm using old flatscreen monitor COMPAQ TFT5000S. It runs 1024x768 @60Hz. I set those for the graphical console, no problem.
However, when I switch to the text console (Alt-F1 etc.), there is virual buffer there, the monitor shows message box "Input signal out of range",
the picture is visible behind the box, but it is shifted to the right by 3 cm.
The box obscures some text on the screen, and the menu button on the monitor isn't working.

The same was happening on the graphical console before I set it to 60Hz (and saved),
so I know this happens when the system runs the video at @70,1 Hz (seemingly, Mint 12 LXDE wants to do so on my comp).

Q1: How to configure the frequency for the console (or framebuffer)? What to read (what man or docs), and where/what are the config files?

Q2: I installed English language with Russian keyboard map. Luckily, I can switch between Ru and En letters by pressing Alt+Shift,
both in the X and console. I would like to configure switching by Ctrl+Shift. What/where are the config files?
The distro is Mint 12 LXDE i386 newly installed.

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