Boostlibs installation

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Boostlibs installation

Postby ben_ben on Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:53 am

Hi there community,

I recently installed Linux Mint and now I'm stuck at the installation of a program which requires the boost libs.

Every time I run "./configure" for the new program it says:

"checking for boostlib >= 1.20.0... configure: error: We could not detect the boost libraries (version 1.20 or higher). If you have a staged boost library (still not installed) please specify $BOOST_ROOT in your environment and do not give a PATH to --with-boost option. If you are sure you have boost installed, then check your version number looking in <boost/version.hpp>. See for more documentation."

Although I did

-download boost libs
-run the
-run the b2 command
-set an environment variable using "export BOOST_ROOT=/lib/boost_lib/lib" where boost_lib is the directory which was created in the "boost_1_53_0" folder after running the b2 command and which I then did copy to the /lib/ folder. I also tried several variations of the path. But none made the "./configure" command successful.

I would appreciate any hints and help. Please keep any answer simple. I'm pretty new to linux.


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