Do we not use xinet daemon anymore?

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Do we not use xinet daemon anymore?

Postby Jin Choi on Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:29 am

Hello. I am currently self-studying general linux services from books i possess. They are not the lastest editions and I am confused regarding 'xinetd'.

Let me number my questions for a better communication.

1. I learnt xinetd is, or was, I don't know, useful because you don't need to run a network-related daemons all the time, because xinetd would start the corresponding service on demand. No waste of network and computing resources waste. Maybe it's less efficient in the light of response time, compared to standalone daemons. Am I wrong?

2. But I found, ubuntu or mint don't include xinetd package and I have to install them manually. I wondered why and did some research learned, 'xinetd is as deprecated as telnet' (src: So, here is my question. Why not xinetd anymore? It seems like a very useful for internet services i want to provide, for example, ftp, which I'd love to let my friends use it whenever. I could make it standalone service as default it is in mint, but I think it would be better to be switched to be managed under xinetd.

3. So, why do we not use xinetd anymore? I am curious why. Is it because computing power got so better that your machines can deal with a few more standalone daemons without much trouble, or what? Or, or, maybe, are there any Xxinetd kind of better alternative or something, as in xinetd following inetd?

I need your organized insight on this. Thank you always :)

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