X server not loading (SOLVED)

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X server not loading (SOLVED)

Postby TuftyDave on Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:55 am

I had very little hair, now pulling out what's left....

So I just got things working in a sort of fashion, and was looking at the settings options...
Saw something called 'extensions' clicked it and was offered lots of pretty front end desktop extensions to add.
So thought I'd add the most popular one (can't remember it's name now)

Did what it said in the instructions, unpacked a zipped file, moved a folder from one place to another.

Couldn't figure out how to 'enable' the new thing I'd added, so just went for a re-boot.

Now I get no GUI at all!

Just some weird set of errors that allow me to look at some x server stuff that means nothing at all to me.

This is why I always go back to Windows..................

Does anyone think this might be an easy fix so I can do the one step forward three backward stuff a few more times before I eventually go back to Microsoft where I know things work & I can make them work.

If this is an EASY fix, I'll try again, if not I may as well go back to Microsoft now.

Pissed off Dave...
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