Re: problem with Update Manager in Olivia

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Re: problem with Update Manager in Olivia

Postby vintagepen on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:31 am

Gateway 340UI, 32 bit Cinnamon, is having the same wake from suspend issue as was just soved on a 64 bit Mate installation( on an Asus with an Nvidia graphics card): But this time with a Radeon card on which i am sure i have installed all the right drivers and utilities. Albert solved it by getting Update Manager to run properly and look in all its correct repositories for all updates. The Gateway does seem to be updating properly. Does anyone have any idea where I can start to try to diagnose this one please?

After installing all the packages and all updating, (ithe Gateway DOES seem to update on the proper raring servers which the Asus didnt set itself up to do) I went into suspend and within 30 seconds tried to come out and it wouldn't react at all save to turn off the light at the front (a light which goes on when the unit goes into suspend) and then do nothing for extended periods. It also of course wont come out of suspend when it goes in by itself. All it ever does is turn that light off, do a minimal amount of what seems to be hard drive acivity and then stop all activity completely with a black screen with the arrow on it

As this sort of problem was cured when Olivia updated everything it makes me think that something isnt updating properly. I have tried to update, update manually by opending update manager and pressing refresh, using apt update, apt-get update, even apt upgrade just in case something there was the problem. Does anyone have any other ideas please?
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