Mischievous mouse

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Mischievous mouse

Postby vahanacap on Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:42 pm

I'm running Mint 13 (same problem with 15) on an Acer AO533. Since it's a netbook and i'm clumsy, I need to disable the touchpad when writing. The "disable touchpad when typing" doesn't seem to do anything, so i use Fn-F7. The problem is, about 20 to 30% of the time, when I again press Fn-F7 to enable the touchpad, the pointer dances merrily about the screen, opening and closing things at random, and I cannot stop it short of shutting down the computer. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Mischievous mouse

Postby WharfRat on Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:09 pm


My mouse always behaves :D

Try turning it off like this: Identify your touchpad id with xinput.

bill@laptop ~/script $ xinput
⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]
⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Logitech Unifying Device. Wireless PID:1020 id=10 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ Logitech Unifying Device. Wireless PID:4004 id=11 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ DualPoint Stick id=13 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad id=14 [slave pointer (2)]
⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]
↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Video Bus id=7 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Power Button id=8 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Sleep Button id=9 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ AT Translated Set 2 keyboard id=12 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ Dell WMI hotkeys id=15 [slave keyboard (3)]

In my case it's AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad id=14 [slave pointer (2)]

Copy and paste this into the text editor, save it and chmod it executable. I call it settouchpad.sh
Code: Select all
# settouchpad.sh
# 0 turns the pad off
# 1 tuns the pad on
if [[ "$1" > '1' ]] || [[ -z "$1" ]];then
   echo "Use $0 0 to turn the touchpad off or $0 1 to turn it on"
   exit 1
xinput --set-prop 14 "Device Enabled" "$1"
[[ "$1" == 1 ]] && echo "Touchpad turned on" || echo "Touchpad turned off"
exit 0

Code: Select all
chmod +x settouchpad.sh

Then ./settouchpad.sh 0 to turn it off and ./settouchpad.sh 1 to turn it on.

Good luck :wink:
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