HP Printer Connection

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HP Printer Connection

Postby jwmster on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:49 pm

Okay... I'm buffaloed. I have an HP 1020 printer connected to my Ubuntu machine (System76) which is now converted to Mint 6. I can't get that doggone thing to print for the life of me. And it was working fine under Ubuntu. Really. For over a year. Got a little quirky with Intrepid... which I'd upgraded rather than re-installed.

I've been running Elyssa Mint on an old Dell box in the other room and happy with it... so waited for Felicia to upgrade my Ubuntu. The op system's pretty good... but printing remains a bear. Have downloaded all "guten" and "foomatic" services I could find in package manager and installed them. Of course, I now have three way of hitting the printer. The first is HP Toolbox. Looks promising... actually "connects" as a USB. Test page is a bust. Try the printer icon under Admin or Preferences and it's a bust, too. Automatic configuration happens also... but also fails.

I could attach the latest print out of the problem... but hesitate to do so. I think the issue appears to be in the mount point... but am not certain.

Any other ideas? Appreciate a little help. If I can't fix it soon.... the wife-and-kids police will force me to "just buy a Mac". And I'm trying to stay off the Steve Jobs plantation. Thanks!
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Re: HP Printer Connection

Postby jwmster on Wed Dec 24, 2008 12:34 am

Also downloaded HPanything in package manager.
Then deleted all printers. And rebooted. Left the printer unplugged from the machine.
Then let it sit unattended while I unpacked my windows laptop.
Turned on the windows machine.
Took the System76 Mint machine... plugged in the printer. It spec'd a printer and I left it in all defaults.
Did NOT try to print from the System76Mint machine... but intstead, allowed it to reboot.
Unplugged the printer, plugged it into the WIndows machine. I printed an old article and let it clear out the line, the que and everything else.
Gurus tell me the USB connections just run funky.
So then after the Windows job printed, I reconnected to teh System76 Mint machine.
Loaded up some text docs and printed. Ran like a charm.
I'm not a heavy metal techie... but there is a systematic approach nevertheless.
And it works now. :wink:
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