Automatic Updates

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Automatic Updates

Postby tuxuser72 on Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:04 pm


New Mint 5 "Elyssa" Xfce user here. I have a couple of questions about the automatic updates. Installed a fresh install last nite and already see that there are 161 updates available for my system. I installed all of the "Mint" and level 1/2 updates but the rest of them are level 3 updates that come from the Unbuntu repos (from the way I understand it). Questions are:

1) How necessary are these aupdates? As there are 161 of them, basically do I really need them, if I am satisfied with my system now and plan on doing a fresh install when the Xfce Mint 6 is released?

2) Do these updates reflect what is needed for my flavor of Mint? For example, there are a couple of gnome updates. Why would I need these if I am not running gnome?

3) Can someone explain the differences between the updates that come from the "Mint" side of the house vs. the updates that come from the "Unbuntu" side of the house?

4) Once I install Mint 6 Xfce, and have a fresh install, is it a good idea to just install all the updates and continue installing them once they are released?

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Re: Automatic Updates

Postby wildflower on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:06 am

As far as i know, Level 3 and above updates aren't necessary and if you're unlucky it could break your Mint.
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Re: Automatic Updates

Postby DataMan on Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:22 am

It's entirely normal to get a rash of updates after your initial installation. Basically, the iso image is frozen at the time of release of the distro. With Linux and other ops, things move forward (hopefully) all of the time. Thus the large number of updates (I think my max updates from a distro install was like 870 once :) ).

Re. the gnome updates, you are probably using one or more gnome apps in your xfce installation, thus the gnome. It is rather common to use gnome apps in kde and kde apps in a gnome setting.

Re. the Ubuntu updates, Mint is core based on Ubuntu. Basically, I believe the developer's of Mint started with Ubuntu-Kubuntu-Xubuntu and built Mint from that point forward (like why re-create the wheel if you don't have to). Don't mis-interpret this as there are marked differences between the two distro's... that's why we're using Mint vs. Ubuntu right?

Re. whether to use the updates or not, that's entirely your call. The updates either fix something that's not correct, or roll improvements in the app. If the update addresses an app problem, not doing the update may lead to a run time error on the application. I would recommend a disciplined approach to doing the updates. Set some time interval and stay with it.

Things can go wrong on rare occasions with updates. From my experience, I would say that is the exception rather than the norm. There are a number of things that you can do to minimize the effects of updates gone bad. If you're interested, check out my web site in the Linux section under a Backup Strategy for one possible approach.

Hope the above help.

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