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Postby ibm450 on Sat May 02, 2009 5:31 am

is there a simple download and install theme site for linuxmint like the excellent software portal where you just click and it installs?

been to the linuxart / theme site and for a newbie its very daunting and basically time consuming to install a theme you wish to try, i suppose its one of the areas that Linux fails for people new to linux with its complexity to install things via terminal, sudo this and that...

i really liked the fresh-mint icons and theme in flux-mint, is there a way to grab these or even the icons/themes from the new KDE mint to install on mint 6, Felicia(i finally went for this version as its not so slow to run and excellent option at right click to run as root)

please advise user friendly theme installers links
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Re: theme

Postby shane on Sat May 02, 2009 6:37 am

The theme installer is the same tool you use to change the theme... Simply download the theme... the tar.gz file, save it to your harddrive, Desktop, wherever... Then just drag and drop it on the Theme selecting application. Viola... it's installed! (This is only for Gnome).

P.S. KDE and Gnome use different toolkits... ie. Qt vs GTK... so the themes are not cross compatible. Icon themes however should be. Just unpack them as root /usr/share/icons/

P.P.S. Command line has many benefits over a GUI... as you use Linux more you will come to see these advantages, I assure you :)
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