Sound lost after updates? [SOLVED]

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Re: Sound lost after updates?

Postby zeller on Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:18 am

Okay, odd.

Removed everything PulseAudio related that didn't get rid of mint-gnome-main, or something like that.

Logged out, back in. Checked if my audio was working using rythmbox. Nope. Checked the volume inside Rythmbox; Volume was raised.

Added volume applet to my panel. Master, raised. Headphone, raised. PCM, Line In, and CD were all muted. Unmuted them one at a time.

Unmuted PCM seems to have fixed the problem. I'm now hearing music using Rythmbox.

Logged in to, played random video, sound.

I guess one of the PulseAudio components either didn't like my setup or something else.

I know I've gone through all the inputs before and made sure such things as PCM and Line In and CD were all unmuted. What a wonky occurrence.

Thanks for all help submitted.
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