How can I have different Desktops for Mint 7?

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How can I have different Desktops for Mint 7?

Postby NateFlax on Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:04 am

A few weeks ago I had to reinstall both Windows & Linux (I Dualboot). I decided since I was going to reinstall Linux Mint 6, I might as well try the newer release Mint 7 "Gloria".

I've been quite impressed with Mint so far, and I think Mint 7 is much better then Mint 6.

But my question is: How can I setup my Desktop so I have different Icons?

I've figured out how to make anywhere from 1 to some 200 Desktops. I know that you can move windows/programs from one Desktop to the other. But how do you get each Desktop to have it's own icons?

For instance, I want:
Desktop #1 to have all my picture files/folders
Desktop #2 to have all my videos and movies
Desktop #3 to have all my notes and documents
Desktop.....etc. etc.

Is there anyway I can set a Desktop to have it's own icons/files/folders?

I'm sure it's just a simple setting I have to turn on, but I don't know where.

I'm running Linux Mint 7 "Gloria" (Main Edition) 32bit with Gnome and Compiz Fusion.
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Re: How can I have different Desktops for Mint 7?

Postby lagagnon on Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:49 am

I understand Gnome/Metacity cannot do that without an external daemon. You can however use "devilspie" to do it. It is available in package manager. There is also a Google GUI for it, if you need a GUI.
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