suggestion: hide uninstalled i386 packages

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suggestion: hide uninstalled i386 packages

Postby littlenoodles on Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:06 pm

Is there any reason not to have an option in the 64-bit Software Manager to hide uninstalled i386 packages. Assuming a clean 64-bit install, no i386 stuff should be installed, or should need to be installed - and yet, there they all are, essentially doubling the entries for all library packages. I don't say they shouldn't be available, but for most users, they shouldn't be necessary. I guess that would be less true if there were actually significant numbers of 3rd party closed source apps that couldn't be released through the repo, and were available only as 32-bit binaries, but how often does that happen? I know I was prompted to install 32 bit stuff onto my Mint 15 system for the Juniper VPN. Even so, I could never get Juniper to work (bad, bad, Juniper) - and once I gave up, I was left with a ton of i386 stuff installed that wasn't very easy to get rid of either. (hmmm, another suggestion for a filter - i386 only...)
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