If you bork your mint4win

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If you bork your mint4win

Postby Husse on Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:18 am

If you have installed with mint4win you have probably noticed that Mint is one big file. It is mounted with the loop command like any ISO in Linux and if you screw up you cant directly edit files you might need to edit (like menu.lst or fstab) to get it to boot
Here's how to make Mint in mint4win possible to edit from another Linux (you can't do it from Windows)
Boot another Linux you may have in your system or any live CD
Mount the windows partition (remember that the password on the live CD is empty)
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sudo mkdir /win

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sudo mount /dev/sda1 /win

You probably have Windows in sda1, but change sda1 to whatever you have. If you are uncertain you can use gparted (Partition editor) to check
Make a folder to mount min4win in
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sudo mkdir /vdisk

Mount the mint4win file (which is an ISO and can be mounted with loop in Linux)
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sudo mount -o loop /win/mint/disks/root.disk /vdisk

You should now be able to see the content in /vdisk and also edit and save the edits
When you are done
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sudo umount /vdisk

This is tested on both the live CD and an installed Mint
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