Last update seems to have taken out brightness adjustment?

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Last update seems to have taken out brightness adjustment?

Postby newfie on Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:40 am

I updated last night for the first time for roughly a week. I noticed some things such as desktop-base and all that.

- I can't use the keyboard shortcut for brightness.
- The brightness applet has a red slash through it and does nothing
- Battery applet used to have a slider bar for brightness; no longer there.

Anything that may have caused this? It also seems to be sucking the life of my battery a lot more than normal; my battery is losing roughly 4% a minute. I usually get an hour and a half of life, but the laptop's only been on for under 20 minutes and already it's at 55% left.

Here's the update log:

Code: Select all
Commit Log for Mon Dec 20 04:27:21 2010

Upgraded the following packages:
bind9-host (1:9.7.1.dfsg.P2-2) to 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1
chromium-browser (10.0.616.0~svn20101219r69666-0ubuntu1~ucd1~lucid) to 10.0.617.0~svn20101220r69690-0ubuntu1~ucd1~lucid
chromium-browser-inspector (10.0.616.0~svn20101219r69666-0ubuntu1~ucd1~lucid) to 10.0.617.0~svn20101220r69690-0ubuntu1~ucd1~lucid
dash ( to
dnsutils (1:9.7.1.dfsg.P2-2) to 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1
gnome-core (1:2.30+6) to 1:2.30+7
libbind9-60 (1:9.7.1.dfsg.P2-2) to 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1
libgssapi-krb5-2 (1.8.3+dfsg-3) to 1.8.3+dfsg-4
libisccc60 (1:9.7.1.dfsg.P2-2) to 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1
libk5crypto3 (1.8.3+dfsg-3) to 1.8.3+dfsg-4
libkrb5-3 (1.8.3+dfsg-3) to 1.8.3+dfsg-4
libkrb5support0 (1.8.3+dfsg-3) to 1.8.3+dfsg-4
liblwres60 (1:9.7.1.dfsg.P2-2) to 1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1
libmono-system-web2.0-cil (2.6.7-3) to 2.6.7-4

Installed the following packages:
desktop-base (6.0.2)
gnome-user-guide (2.30.1-1)
libdns69 (1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1)
libisc62 (1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1)
libisccfg62 (1:9.7.2.dfsg.P3-1)
libmono-system-data-linq2.0-cil (2.6.7-4)
libmono-system-messaging2.0-cil (2.6.7-4)
libmono-wcf3.0-cil (2.6.7-4)

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